Responsibilities of Families and The Family Parts

The thought to be shared today is that of family responsibility. As the topic was discussed in Gospel Essentials class today, the ideas shared were varied, but all rang true to the same idea.
In the lesson, participants were asked to list all the responsibilities of the family, but the family had been divided up into parents, father,mother, and children:
This was the list generated:

Parent's Responsibility is to Provide:
-Sense of Self-Worth

Father's Responsbility is to Provide:
-Finances for home(this is true in most cases)
-Priesthood blessings
-Physical repairs on home and car

Mother's Responsibility is to Provide:
-Direction of the domestic running of the home
-Unconditional love

Children's Responsibility is to Provide:
-Honor to their parents
-Be willing to try new things

There were many more shared, but these are the ones that were discussed more fully.

The comment was also made the we can't keep them from the world, we can simply fortify them, pray for them, and teach them correct principles.

As you go forth this week, keep these thoughts in mind and work hard to fortify yourself and family.

Keep the Faith...

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