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It has been interesting that in any church meeting I have attended lately (and I attend many of them being the ward clerk) there had been an increase in the talk about youth, parents, and the family unit. These are second only to the constant discussion on patience. I have had many wonderful thoughts flood my mind and it has been enlightening to ponder the points that have been shared.

One thought that was shared during a sacrament meeting really hit home. The speaker was telling that in her home she has a sign hanging by her television that reads, "If it is not okay for you to do it- then it is not okay for you to watch someone else do it!" Wow! How powerful are those words? In today's world a click on a button will put anything you desire at your fingertips. Were these same things around in my youth? Absolutely. However the ease with which they are accessible is almost frightening. Video games that focus on realistic killing of humans, sex themed games that draw in young men and women, as well as the great waster of time- time that could be used to serve and strengthen. Satan has great hold on the world today. He is working overtime to destroy the family unit. He knows that it is only through this family unit can an eternal family become a reality- and he wants to do away with it.

I am very concerned as I watch my own five children grow. I am always wondering if I am being a good parent, am I teaching them correct ideals and principles. I ponder over how to better serve my children without making them lazy, spoiled, or those who take everything for granted. I know that I am far from a perfect parent and I just continue to hope and pray that the Lord will watch over my babies and help them to be righteous. I guess I can take comfort knowing that my children are lucky to be in good classes at school and that my children tend to not allow peer-pressure to intimidate them. My children are also lucky to have a wonderful stay-at-home mother who works hard for them and with them to teach them the value of work, of doing things right the first time, and a shoulder to lean on.

I have started to come to realize that being a family is much more than simply living in the same house and being together. Being a family is supporting each other, showing love and kindness, and striving to ensure that all members are happy and cared for. My nine-year old son is such a little man. He is so good with the baby. He is always holding him, playing by him, and reading to him. What a great example. I could learn a lot from him if I would simply pay more attention. The other day when I took my nine-year to little league practice, the wind was blowing really hard. I was trying to tell my son not to open the car door. He did before he listened. The wind ripped the door out of his hand and slammed open against the front of the car. I was SO angry. I yelled at him and then drove off trying to hold the door closed. I was able to sort-of fix the door, but it is trashed. It will stay closed and the window still works, but it killed the door frame by the engine. Every time he gets in the car I feel the need to make him feel bad about it. I don't want to do those things, but I get SO frustrated by his lack of ability to listen (or at least my THINKING he isn't listening). My goal is of late to be more patient and open to trying to hear his side of the story. I can't say that I am accomplishing this with flying colors, but I really am trying. I hope to be able to report soon that it is going much better!

I guess the message I want to share with all this rambling is that our youth-our kids, our little ones- are our greatest treasures. We should be doing all we can to teach them, protect them, and help them to grow in righteousness. If we do, we are promised that our children will be ours for eternity.

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