As I attended my meetings today I found an message of inspiration that I badly needed. The sister that spoke today shared her experience of trying for several weeks to put together a talk that would be uplifting. She shared how her sister had called to ask for some advice and cheering up, but ended up helping her figure out her talk. In the end they had both been uplifted. During the talk she shared how her sister had received a tile with the saying "Abound in Hope", but because the script was so frilly, she thought that it had said, "Abandon Hope". When she figured it out, she had laughed and now when she sees the tile, she laughs about it.

What a powerful statement "We can Abandon Hope or, We Can Abound in Hope!". I know that in the challenges that I have been facing over the past few weeks that there were many times that I felt that I had abandoned hope. Those were low points. But as I look back over the lessons that I learned (and am still learning) I know that I have found a way to work towards "Abounding in Hope".

What a blessing it is to have a family, a good job, a nice home, and all the other blessings that my Savior has allowed me to have. It is my hope that we can all work to Abound in Hope, rather than Abandon Hope.

Keep the Faith...

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