Prepared- Are You?

Today my thoughts lie along the lines of being prepared. Spiritually, Temporally, and Financially. As I sat in my meetings today, listening to the speakers/presenters, my mind was a running checklist. Good Life Insurance- Check, Savings Accounts- Check (Though I could do better), Family Prayer- Check, Scripture Study- Check, Tithing- Check. The list went on and on. I kept thinking, yep I am doing that. Then it hit me. I AM doing those things, but am I really DOING it? Is it just a "tradition" or is it a righteous pattern. Am I in a habit that is meaningless or do I really seek to know and understand. I can't really say one way or the other at this point. I know that I am trying to do what is right and desire to serve the Lord. This has caused me to really think deeply about my beliefs, ideas, and understanding. I don't doubt what I know and have learned, I just wonder what I COULD know if I really applied myself to learning and fulfilling my calling. I know that as I work to improve in my life, blessings will be poured out.

I CAN say however, that even just by doing those things, regardless of whether they are done with 100% true understanding, builds a routine and allows me to be receptive to the spirit. I know that if you will do the same in your life, regardless of religious beliefs and background that the Lord will bless you too!

Try it and Keep the Faith...

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Jonathan Franzone said...

You have a typo in your disclaimer statement on the sidebar: "chruch" should be "church". :) Nice blog, btw.

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