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As members of the church, we have received instruction from our church leaders that we are to no longer sit passively by as others work to tear down the Lord's church. We are to help correct misconceptions held by non-members, and work to help promote our beliefs in a positive and uplifting way.

Today in church as a member was bearing testimony of this very principal, it really hit me that as members we have our little niche and are content with what we have. We forget the charge given by the Lord to go and share with our friends and family what we know. This isn't an easy thing to do. I did find talk notes from a talk I gave almost 2 years ago. The talk I gave was about bearing testimony. In it a general authority stated that he had never lost a close friend from sincerely sharing his testimony and beliefs. I think that is a great promise. As we seek the Lord in our desire to share, he will bless us to know what and how to say the things we feel in our hearts. She also pointed out in her testimony that it should never be done with the spirit of contention as this is of the Devil, but with heartfelt love and desire.

I also had a couple of other thoughts brought to my mind during Church today. I was in a meeting with my counselors. One was sharing a thought and was saying how Captain Moroni had worked to strengthen the weakest of the cities he was in charge of defending, the thought that came to my mind was that as members this is our job as leaders and home and visiting teachers. To help strengthen the members of the ward who are struggling and in need to love and support so that they don't fall to Satan and his clever traps.

The other thought I want to share here is that in another meeting I had today, it was brought up that something what was being done in the ward had been questioned by a member of the ward. To find out the procedure, we were able to go to the Handbook of Instruction. What a blessing that the Lord had laid out a plan for us, just as in the scriptures, of how to do the day-to-day items of the church. The statement that was made was, "Wow! Could you imagine what would happen if we didn't have the handbook?" What a interesting thought. What would happen if leaders had a question and couldn't get an answer from a presiding authority. Craziness. That's what. Ward and Stakes would be doing what ever they wanted. Traditions would start being accepted as truths and then the Church would become corrupt.

I am grateful the Lord has seen fit to bless us with the guidance of a living prophet to help us know what to do as times change and problems not before encountered need solutions. I am grateful for the scriptures, that they provide strength, instructions, and guidance for us today. What a loving Father in Heaven we have. What a blessing. As you go forth this week, remember to stand for what you believe, seek to build up not tear down, and remember to give thanks to the Lord.

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