Righteous Traditions

That was the name of the Conference Talk that was used in our lesson today in Preisthood/Relief Society. It was given my Cheryl C. Lant. It was a great talk. A point that was made by one member today was one I had never really thought of before. Sister Lant says in her talk that we need to be teaching our families righteous traditions such as Family Home Evening, Attending Church, Family Prayer, Scripture Study, etc. The point I thought was interesting is that it was pointed out that "Traditions" isn't really a word that should be used when we are commanded to something. He said that when he thought of "traditions" he thought of the Lamanites and how they followed the wicked traditions of their fathers. With that thought in mind, his father (who was also in the room), proceeded to tell us that if you look up the word "tradition" that it is simply a repeated pattern. So, we started using pattern for tradition in our discussion.

How funny what one word can do. It can hang someone up. It can turn someone away. It can build understanding. It can create acceptance. I think that we need to remember that anytime we open our mouths.

The lesson ended well. Many of the men shared insights and stories that solidified that topic. I love that about the Gospel. How can people NOT believe? Everything testifies of the truthfulness of this Gospel and the plan of salvation.

I encourage you to read the article (Click on Sister Lant's name above. Read it, pray abut it, and see what you, yourself, think about!

Keep the Faith!

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