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Hello. My dear brother asked to contribute occasionally to this site and so I thought I would share with you what a wonderful Sunday it has been.
To give you a little background...My husband's work schedule is such that he can only get to church every third week. It makes it hard. We do what we can to go to other wards' sacrament meetings and such, but, in general, it is hard not just for him not to be able to go to all of church, but for us (me and my two daughters ages 15 mos and almost 4). Why would that be hard? Well it makes it a lot easier to share the "duty" of chasing the baby around and trying to control the temper tantrums of the older child. Anyways...enough of my babbling.
My point today is going to be, what I can take from the lessons when I very often don't get to listen to all of it, and most of the time only half of it. :)
Sad but true. Even when my 15 mo old (only three more months till nursery...YEAH!) will be mostly quiet and just play and wonder around the class room area, then I still can't pay 100% attention to the teacher. So I make it my goal to listen as intently as I can, and as situation permits, write down what impresses on me. That way when church is over, I can come home and sit down and read my notes from earlier that day. When I don't get a chance to take notes during class, I try to write something down when I get home so I can remember what I was feeling and try to keep that spirit with me. So I might not be able to sit in on and listen as closely to the whole lesson as I would like to, but I still can feel the wonderful spirit there, and learn something every Sunday, if I choose to do so. I have gone some Sundays, where I have just had a bad day starting out, and because of my spirit going into church, and my hardheartedness while I am there, I won't feel the spirit or take anything away from it.

But most mornings I go with a yearning to learn and deepen my understanding of the gospel. I feel so strongly about it. Today our lesson was on The Gospel of Jesus Christ by Elder Tom Perry. What a wonderful lesson. Basically it states that there are five major "ingredients" in the "recipe" for eternal life.
-Faith in Jesus Christ
-Be Baptized
-Receive the Holy Ghost
-Endure to the End
One quote stood out to me in the lesson:
"When we think of eternal life, what is the picture that comes to mind? I believe that if we could create in our minds a clear and true picture of eternal life, we would start behaving differently. We would not need to be prodded to do the many things involved with enduring to the end, like doing our home teaching or visiting teaching, attending our meetings, going to the temple, living moral lives, saying our prayers, or reading the scriptures. We would want to do all these things and more because we realize they will prepare us to go somewhere we yearn to go."
One lady commented on how enduring usually means being idol or just the thing pass so it is over. In this case, it does not mean to sit idly by but to take every opportunity we can find to immerse ourselves in the work of the Lord so we have no regrets or unfilled duties.

I am a stay at home mom who essentially stays home most of the time. I also work from home as a web designer so the only time I interact with people is when I want to. What I am getting at, is no matter what your circumstances are, you can also make the opportunity to see someone or to serve someone. People, even if they are not members of your ward, love to see a smiling face and for you to ask how they are doing.
I once heard a quote that says "When you lose yourself in the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is when you will truely find yourself."
I know that is true. Unfortunately I have been through my fair share of trials and rebellion. But it wasn't until I embraced the gospel completely and committed to standing as a witness of God, that I realized what wonderful things could happen in life. This gospel is the center of my life. Without it I would be lost. It is trough Jesus Christ that we live in this world without being of the world. He is our savior, our friend and our brother. He gave his life so I could have Eternal Life and I try everyday, to do everything I can to fulfill my side of the promises I have made. I love this gospel with all my heart. I want you to feel the same. If you are investigating the church you should visit the website www.mormon.org. If you still have questions or comments then please feel free to post them.

After church we went and interviewed for our temple recommends. Clint's (my husband) little sis is getting married in the St. George Temple on Saturday. (yeah I know we waited to the last minute) lol.

When we got home I had to pick up the house and get dinner ready because we were asked to feed the missionaries dinner. It was so fun to have them here and feel their spirit. We should all be so dedicated. They gave us what is called the "21 Day Promise". I am excited to try that.

Tonight we have been just enjoying being home as a family. It is such a wonderful spirit in our home. Since I have wrote to much already :) I will write more later...

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