A day of Reflection

As I attended church yesterday, I was thinking, oh great, my husband is speaking, and I get to deal with our four children by myself--it's going to be a zoo! But, my mother in law sat with us, which helped, and I have to say that it was the most uplifted I've felt after church in I don't know how long. It's often hard to feel the spirit with four little ones who all want your attention, and all you want them to do is be reverent and listen. Yesterday wasn't bad at all. The kids were really quite good. A few weeks ago we had a family home evening on being reverent. We read a story from a past issue of the friend called 'the wiggle waggles'. It's about a little primary boy who can't seem to sit still through church. His mother came up with the idea that he could take a notepad and pencil with him and listen to the talks and write something down about each one. It worked well for him. My husband and I decided to make the kids their own reverent books, and for our daughter at least, it works really well. Yesterday as we were listening to the Relief Society President speak about the seed of faith, she told a story about her pepper plant. She watered it, it got plenty of sunshine, and finally got a couple of peppers off it. She was so proud of her peppers. Her daughter-in-law came to visit, saw the peppers on the counter and asked, "Is that all your peppers did?" She was upset at first, but started thinking that maybe she could have done more to fertilize the soil, etc., and maybe she would have gotten better peppers. She likened that to each of us. Are we satisfied with all we are doing? Maybe we can each do more. We don't want to get in front of the Lord and have him ask, "Is that all you did?" Good story. Anyway, my daughter drew in her reverent book a picture of a pepper plant, a pepper on the table, and the seed of faith. It was cute. She didn't really know what all that meant, but she was listening.
All of the talks in Sacrament meeting were wonderful, and all tied together even though the bishop told them they could talk on whatever they wanted. Funny how the spirit works, huh? We went to Sunday school and the lesson was on Eternal Marriage. I enjoyed sitting next to my husband and reflecting on our wedding (we were asked to share what we remembered since we were the youngest couple there--and could probally remember the best--we have a really old ward! lol) It was a nice reminder. She shared some things out of the Ensign from a talk by Elder Jeffery R. Holland in the May 2007 issue. The title is 'The Mouths of Angels' or something, and it had some excellent points in it. Good things to remember about your spouse.
Relief Society was also uplifting. I lead the music in there, and I am blessed to feel inspired as I pick the music out each month. I go by what the lesson titles are, and it never ceases to amaze me that the music I choose seems to go so well with the lessons. Yesterday the lesson was on Staying strong through the storms of life. A lot of good reminders there, and I'm glad I don't have to go through some of the trials the prophet Joseph had. The spirit was really strong, and several women were crying.
It was a day of reflection. What things can I do better? There are many areas I need to work on. I'm so blessed. I'm glad I have such a wonderful husband and beautiful children to remind me daily that the Lord is near us. I think I needed a day to reflect, and I'm glad the spirit was there to make me pay attention and listen to the things said in meetings yesterday. The Lord loves us, and is there for us. I hope I can keep this feeling with me throughout our crazy everyday lives.

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