The True Meaning of Christmas

With all the hype around the LDS church the last few months, I began to wonder if the world would settle back into a routine that would allow for all men (and women) and celebrate Christ's birth. Silly thought I know.

As I watch how people reacted to the church as its "involvement" in Prop. 8, I have to think this is another sign that it truly is God's church on earth. Why would Satan work so hard to try and tear it down (in vain, I might add). All the other religions and organizations that "helped" are no longer in the spotlight. Satan doesn't really need to focus on them.

So, what does this all have to do with the True Meaning Of Christmas? I guess that if everyone stood back and realized that each of will do what we feel is the correct thing to do. Can't the world enjoy peace from fighting, war, bitterness, even just for one simple month? How about a week? A day? Do we or do we not have the ability to move on? Let it go. It's over. It's done. Move on. Use your energy to build someone up, not tear down something.

God gave his only begotten son. Gave him for you, for me, for every single person that was to live on this earth. What a blessing. What a joy. What a relief. Relief that I have the opportunity to be forgiven for my mistakes and sins.

As I reflect on the holiday season, the presents are nice, the tree is beautiful, and the food good. But it doesn't compare to knowing that it is the holiday we use to celebrate the birth of our redeemer and savior. I hope that all people everywhere can set aside the bitterness, the hatred, and desire to tear down long enough to let a little Christ-like love into their hearts.

Merry Christmas!

Keep the Faith...

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