A Test of Faith

I have to admit that the Lord knows how to test our faith. I don't think he decides one day to say, "Hey, I bet so-and-so could use a great test of faith today!" I think it is more He allows things to happen that will test and build our faith. Now, you might ask where this intro is leading. Actually it is quite simple. A week ago I learned that we got a new Bishopric. In that transition in our ward, I experienced a few causalities in my Quorum. For those of you who don't know, I am the E.Q. President in my ward. I lost my second counselor to the new bishop, and a couple elders to the High Priests. It was at this point I thought that I was done. I wanted to be released and almost called and requested it. But after having time to think about it for while, and talking with my remaining counselor (by the way, I don't think that I mentioned that this is the second time my 2nd counselor has been "taken" from me!) I know that I need to forge ahead. I haven't lost my testimony of the church, etc., etc. AND it isn't because I am not the Bishop (because I promise you that I NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to be one) I just feel like every time I get things rolling in my quorum, I get the "Test of Faith" test. It is SO frustrating. But, as you can see, I didn't die, life is moving forward, and I will get over it. I will stop here because I don't know where this test of faith will take me or how it will end, but I will keep you posted.

I need to sign off here and get working on my agenda and other "stuff" for Sunday. Sorry it has been FOREVER since I last posted. Many things have happened, and I just simply don't have the time I can spend blogging about it all.

Keep the Faith...

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Jenny said...

It could be worse... our stake realigned the boundaries about 3 weeks ago and added a new ward. Our ward (that was the biggest in the stake) lost 1/3 of the members. The stake pres told the new bishops that everyone was fair game, including the high counsel members or stake leaders. Needless to say, all our stake auxillaries are being redone as well as needing 6 new high counselmen! It could be worse... you could live here! ;)

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