General Conference

What a blessing it is to sit and hear the words of the prophets in these the latter-days. I truly enjoyed conference this time. Not that I haven't in the past, but this one seem to really catch and keep my attention. I loved Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk on the life of the Savior. What a amazing story. I am not an emotional person and that one about got me. Also the story Pres. Monson told about the sister who had to leave her home and return to Germany during WWII. I was again almost moved to tears as she described her having to bury each of her four children along the way with a spoon and then finally her bare hands. What a touching remembrance that the early saints truly gave much for the gospel. I am looking forward to the Ensign issue to come so that I can reread and relive those spirit building, testimony affirming, true stories again.

Keep the faith...

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