Technology Leads the Way in Scripture Study

Ok, Ok. So I know that as a latter-day generation that we should work hard to avoid the pitfalls of the world and focus our time and attention on serving others and improving ourselves. And... I feel that I do that pretty well. But when something comes along that can 1)remind me daily to feast on the word and 2)make it so I can read anywhere, how can I refuse.

Last Sunday, I ended up teaching the EQ lesson. It wasn't expected, but I can say that I was prepared. It was a great lesson and it went well. As a presidency we have decided to have a monthly theme (Okay, I think I mostly decided and my counselors are just going with it). Anyways, our theme for April is "Lengthen Your Stride". As part of the theme, we issue a monthly family challenge. April's challenge is to read the scriptures as a family every day. To help promote this challenge, I provided the elders with a bunch of resources. For one of the resources, I found an amazing website that allows you to set up a reading schedule for the standard works, teaching of the presidents books, and the church magazines, and then the site e-mail's you the amount of reading you have to do to complete your choosen task on time. The part that I like the best about this whole process is that unless you click on the completed link at the bottom of the e-mail, it won't send you your next selection. For more details and to sign up for a FREE account, go HERE.

I can say that so far, I have been able to fulfill the EQ Challenge for the month. I hope that you and your family will too. And if, like me, it takes seeing in your e-mail inbox your "ReadtheScriptures" e-mail to remind you to read for the day, then so much the better!

Keep the Faith!

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