What Does Unity Mean?

Ok, so I have to admit I have about asked for a release from my current calling. I feel like I am spinning my wheels and going nowhere. However, as I have been reading a book, Men of Valor, I have found a piece of mind I didn't think was possible for people like me who feel they have hit their critical level. I am NOT promoting the book, though it has been very enjoyable, what I am saying is that I found a reason to reflect on where I currently am and where I want to be.

I have struggled with my current calling from day 1. I have always felt unworthy, unable, and all the "Un-"s that one can feel when they receive a monumental calling. I am a homebody that knows nothing of the hunting/fishing world, not to mention the handyman/sports world. I am an educator and I know how to teach 6th graders and work with teachers. So when I am standing at the head of the quorum and looking at the few brothers we can get to attend, I am again hit with the feeling that I am failing to reach out in a way that connects with all those other brothers and help them back. It is hard.

However, in this book, Robert Millett, talks about Unity. Now, I know that sounds like a disconnect. You might be thinking what does that have to do with feeling inadequate. This is the connection. I have failed in my attempts (in you call them that) to create a sense of unity in my quorum. The is my current stage, the HOW. We are having a EQ Social next month to get the elders out again. I had been doing socials every month for about 6 months and got burned out and angry that so few people attended.

In a unified setting, I don't HAVE to relate to sports and hunting to be an effective leader. We are unified not in worldly pursuits, but in a godly one. Millett makes the statement that "Despite our diversity, we strive for unity". That said in a world where everyone is crying out for diversity to be the accepted norm. I hope to continue on with this thought pattern. I am teaching the lesson in two weeks, and we chose Unity as the focus for July. I am excited to teach about this concept. It will give me more opportunity to ponder and pray about how to best unify these wonderful brothers in a righteous cause.

Keep the Faith...

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