A Test of Faith - Part II

It has been a faith testing two weeks since my last post. I guess it could be looked at as whining or complaining (which mean you simply know me much too well). But to me, as I reflect back over that time, I can see that our family was experiencing a test of faith.

Our family had been enjoying a great run of health. Everyone was relatively healthy and we (my wife and I) were thankful. Then it hit. My 1 year came down with pinkeye. No biggie. We had drops and got him started. Two days later, I get it. From there it spread to my 6 year old,then my 4 year old. My little four year old has had it really bad. So on top of pinkeye, I was blessed to spend last Sunday (two Sundays ago) with the 24 hour flu. It was horrible. Now my 1 year old has a fine rash all over his body, and my 4 year old, on top of the pinkeye, has a horrendous cough and is irritable.

Now, again, this can be viewed as simple whining, but I truly believe that it was a test for our family. I struggle with patience anyways, but add to that sickness in the family and it get very trying. I is a test in finances (we had to visit the clinic 3 times), faith (the belief that we will be healed), and spirit- can I keep it together and emerge from this test with my head held high.

I know that we are tested by the Lord to keep us humble and mindful of the commandment and covenants that we have made. I know that our family will be stronger because of it.

Tonight for FHE we talked about testimonies. It was such a neat experience to talk to my eight year-old about a testimony. He loves to share his every fast Sunday. Tonight we talked about what one is and how to get one. He asked a lot of questions about how he can find out for him self. I hope that he will follow through on that thought and really seek, ponder, and then pray to find out for himself. He was the one reading the scriptures for the lesson, and so he really got to see and hear the words of Moroni. (Moroni 10:3-5).

I know that we are a blessed people and I thank the Lord for the trials he sends. Not because they are easy (I have anxiety- nothing is easy), but because of how much I am allowed to grow.

Keep the Faith...

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