General Conference

I can honestly say that I have never listened to a more inspiring conference than that of this past week. I know that many of those talks were for me and my wife. We have been struggling over how to help our young children show kindness and love to each other. Also, how to help better teach the gospel in our home. These answers and more were provided for my feasting pleasure. I sat amazed at the explicitness of their words. They left little to interpretation. The plainness of their words was refreshing and needed. I look forward to rereading my notes and the upcoming conference issue to help me revisit those ideas and work to implement them fully into our home and family routine.

It is so wonderful to know that we have a living prophet on earth to lead us and inspire us.

Keep the Faith...

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Sharr said...

I felt the same way!! It was amazing to me how many of the talks were on taking care of things at home--I also needed it, Ricky was working all weekend, so I am excited for our ensign to come so we can start reading through the talks. It was much needed and I felt very inspired.

Congratulations to allisha for her new callings! A change is always nice, and she'll get to use her amazing creativity in both--she will do so great!

We're coming up at the end of July and hittin goblin valley again--hopefully we can get together again :0)

oh!! Haha! My mom called me early this morning and was so excited because she turned on the byu channel and the choir was getting ready to sing a song that was arranged by John Hughes and Mack wilberg and she thought it was you :0)

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