Let's Be Peacemakers

Tonight my sweet little 7 year-old daughter did the lesson for Family Home Evening. She wanted to do it based off what they had learned in church yesterday. She marked the opening and closing songs, assigned jobs, and made a cute little game to play. We drew actions from a hat and decided if they were "good" or "bad" choices. Then she would slide a little game piece up of down. When it was all done, we were closer to the "good" side and we all cheered. Next we listened to her read us a story about being kind and not judging. For the finale we went to the kitchen table and drew picture of ways we could be kind to others. For dessert we had homemade cheesecake (YUMMY!). My mom and dad showed up right after that so we had a little interlude and visited for a few minutes. After they left we sang a closing song and had family prayer.
While the evening was far from perfect with the older boys fighting and a tired 11 month-old screaming through most of it, I can sit back and be thankful for many things.
1) That I HAVE a family
2) That despite the trials and frustrations, I really do have wonderful caring kids
3) That I really lucked out (or rather was TRULY blessed by the Lord) to find such an
amazing wife!
4) I am grateful that we have been commanded to hold Family Home Evening. I know the
kids are listening and getting something even when it feels like a big waste of

What a glorious gospel we are blessed to be a part of in these latter-days! I just hope that I can be worthy of all that the Lord as in store for me! I know that if you will hold FHE regularly with your little (or big) families, you WILL be blessed-

Just Do It...

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