They DO Listen...

I think at times we grow so frustrated with our children because we feel they are not listening. I know in our house Family Home Evening seems to disintegrate weekly in to Family Fight Night. I often wonder if I have any parenting skills in my body at all. When the kids are screaming at each other, teasing, fighting, and chasing each other, I have to close my eyes and tell myself over and over that I LOVE MY KIDS! :)

However, every once in a while, something will happen that let's a parent know that his kids DO listen and that maybe, just maybe there is hope for him in the parenting department.

I had been working on my college work (papers, papers, papers, reading, papers, papers, etc.). The kids asked me to look at what they had made. I was engrossed in what I was doing and it took me a minute to pull myself from my train of thought (I think this is partly from being a man). I turned to see that my oldest two children had made a "temple" complete with a golden angel Moroni!

I smiled- both inside and out. It was a testimony to me that regardless of what is going on on the surface with our children, they really DO listen. This means that the next time you are tempted to mutter under your breath remember that they ARE listening! I know that as we seek to enrich and bless the lives of our children we will find blessing and success.

Keep the Faith...

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