Jesus and the 10 "Leopards"

It was my 5-year olds turn to teach family home evening last night. Talk about a great lesson. Last Sunday in primary, his teacher (also his grandma) did a lesson on gratitude. The kids colored a picture of Jesus and the 10 lepers and made some little game to play.

Due to me being gone for three days, we had FHE last night instead of Monday night like we usually do. We all gathered around and started with the opening song, scripture and prayer. Then my little Z started is lesson. He sat on our piano bench and held up his picture he had colored and told us the story of the ten "sick guys" who went to see Jesus. After they were healed, "The guys all ran away because they were so happy, and one guy talked to Jesus". (My 5-year was doing great. The other kids were actually listening better than they do to my wife and I. I was smiling both inside and out at this little warrior and his amazing memory and teaching). When I pressed a little for more information, he did know the answers: The other were did not show how "thankful" they were for Jesus making them better". Then he really made us laugh. He asked us if we wanted to know the name of the man who had returned and thanked Jesus. My wife and I looked at each other a little shocked and also with smiles. "Sure," I said. "What was the man's name?" After all, maybe he knew something I didn't. He said, "Well. His name is spelled I-V-E-E." We all DIED laughing. "Ivee?" I asked. He got a little embarrassed. Then he tried to get silly. We go the lesson back on track however.

My daughter, in conjunction with my Z-man had setup a great family activity where we did what they did in primary class as well. She had a bowl full of water with a teaspoon in it and a second smaller bowl with a small cup in it. We each took turn saying up to 4 things we were thankful for. With each "thing" we put in a teaspoon of water. By the end the cup was running over (with all the gratitude our family felt). It was fun to hear what each of the kids was thankful for. They said some cute things and I am glad that they all mentioned how thankful they were for each other. My oldest son even said that he was thankful that we were all a family. That made me feel like maybe my wife and I ARE doing okay as parents.

We ended FHE by singing "I am a Child of God" and having family prayer. Oh, and we can't forget that for dessert we had ice cream bars- YUMMY!

I really am grateful for such a great little family. We aren't even close to being perfect, but I think that I am learning to accept the fact that as we strive to draw closer to our Savior and follow his teachings, we will be blessed. I love the FHE program and I know that it will bless the lives of those who will faithfully hold it each week.

Keep the Faith...

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