General Conference-Sunday Morning Session

I am pleased to share with you my thoughts, quotes, and impressions from this past general conference. I have simply opened a new post and have typed all through the conference sessions. I hope you got as much out of conference as I did. What a blessing it is to have a living prophet that leads our church under our Heavenly Father's direction. (Click on the title of this post to visit the LDS  conference website to review any of these talks and/or view other sessions and talks).

Boyd K. Packer:
-Marriage is between a husband and a wife
-Pornography will repel the Spirit of the Lord, EVERY-TIME. Repentance is the way back. As parents we need to ensure that this evil never infiltrates our homes.
-"Wickedness never was happiness".
-"We will not be tempted above that which we are able".
-"We can if we will, break the habit and conquer addiction".
-Kitty story and voting to decide if it a boy or a girl.
-Stay on course and hold to the principles and ordinances of the gospel.
-The stance of the church will not change, it will never change, in regards to its definition of marriage.

Jay E. Jensen:
-We must find a quiet place to kneel and ask.
-Our testimony is a seed. As it grows and is feed with revelation and spiritual nourishment, our testimony will grow into a forest.
-The Holy Ghost is one of the greatest gifts to man.
-Sometimes there is no one in the home that can provide the needed support (home teacher or visiting teacher), and thus we must turn to the spirit for comfort and solace.
-The Holy Spirit will provide us with comfort and peace in our times of greatest sorrow. 
-The Book of Mormon, First Vision, Restoration of the Priesthood, and our Testimony of the Savior are the four corner stone gifts of this, the Lord's church.
-Events of Lehi and Joseph lives mirror each other. One was praying to save family, one was praying to know which church to join. Both were visited by the Father and the Son. Both shared what they had learned, both had angry mobs after them. Lehi fled with his family, Joseph was martyred. 
-Take away the Book of Mormon and Revelations and we have no religion. These two factors assure us that we are being led by a loving Father and his Son.

Sister Mary N. Cook:
-We lived with our Heavenly Father before we came to this earth.
-This life is a time of learning.
-We should not do things we do not wish to see our children do.
-We must be examples.
-We must be believers.
-Actively work to strengthen our testimony.
-Stories of affliction in the Smith family that led to greater belief and faith.
-We must show our children how to strengthen their testimonies.
-Holding Fast can be a challenge as Satan works to tempt us away.
-We must give up activities or attitudes that prevent us from fulfilling our eternal goals.

Dallin H. Oaks:
- We should NOT seek to have our priesthood leaders make personal choices for us. We should do the work to receive personal revelation for ourselves.
-This personal line of revelation comes in conjunction with the priesthood.
-It is common to have members that are not living their lives in accordance to the gospel plan to claim that they have received revelation from the Lord that they are excused from the responsibility.
-His church is the way and the priesthood is the power through which we are privileged to participate.
-There are members or former members who encounter a failure to recognize the importance of revelation and the role of the priesthood. They go their own way and rely on the personal line of revelation. Thus leading them.
-The personal line of revelation, like the priesthood line, can not fully function if we are not worthy.

President Monson:
-The influence of all those who have impacted our lives.
-"I knew you would come"- How could I NOT come.
-Tale of the 10 lepers who were cleansed where only one returned to give thanks to the Lord. The Lord told him that his faith had made him whole. (This makes me wonder if the other nine where not permanently healed because of their lack of thanksgiving).
-Story of the loaves and fishes to feed the 5,000.
-Story of Gordon growing up and getting electricity. Then how it took an oil lamp to help the family remember how important the little things are.

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