Moving Forward

Press Forward Saints, With Steadfast Faith in Christ!

That seems to be my motto lately and I work to pick up the pieces of my presidency once again. I know all things happen for a reason (like why the keep taking my 2nd counselor to put in the bishopric).

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I also know that I will be blessed. This evening as I gave a sweet sister a priesthood blessing, I understood that my life is going in the right direction. Maybe not in the perfect straight line that it COULD be, but at least I am not back tracking! I had some great thoughts on Sunday as I sat in the "Teaching, No Greater Call" class. The thoughts weren't really connected to the class per say, but I think that were valid none the less. I will try to get them posted this weekend.

Keep moving forward and Keep the Faith...

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Sharr said...

i was just talking about this with a friend of mine last night.... are our trials a swift kick to get us to do something we wouldn't do on our own? or are they a "let's see what you do with this" type of deal? are your actions following your words, or are you all talk?

it's hard to tell sometimes (for me at least) i know my faith isn't what i had thought it was, despite my convictions/actions--i'm a good little mormon girl--but a bit of a control freak who has a hard time handing over the reigns....

i'm interested to read a little more of your insight as you get it :o)

i'm so glad you're my friend john--you've always been a source of inspiration/guidance for me :o) thanks!

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