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As promised (though not WHEN promised). I was sitting in my Sunday school class and got to thinking. (Sounds scary I know.) I love the "Teaching: No Greater Call" class. It brings such a spirit of understanding and ability to improve in teaching- in all aspects of life. If you haven't had a chance to take the class, then you need to pick a manual and read it. The teacher lessons are in the back, and the participant part is in the front. As the teacher went over the first lesson, I had some thoughts come to my mind.

"Being prepared is so vital. Sure we can prepare the night before, or during sacrament meeting, and your classes WILL learn something (are we not promised that when two or three are gathered in His name that He too will attend?) for the spirit is there. But what a dis-service we have done for ourselves and our fellow saints, as we will always fall short of what our lesson COULD and SHOULD have been!"
(This thought came in response not so much to having been under-prepared myself, but in watching teacher around me continually profess to lack of preparation, and seem proud of it!)

"The value of teachers is so under-estimated. I think as Saints we get so caught up in the Sunday 'Routine' that we lose much of what could be gained by coming each week, like it was our first time in church."

"A valid point to be made is that some lessons are solely inspired and taught for a single soul. (Often our own). So when we, as teachers, are prompted to detour slightly from our lesson, perhaps it is best that we give heed to the Spirit, so as to touch the hungering soul in our classrooms."

I have more- but I am out of time for now. I hope you enjoyed my food for thought!

Keep the Faith!

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