Faith and Zion

Today's lessons at church were very uplifting and thought-provoking to me. The first lesson that I had was in Gospel Essentials. The lesson was all about Faith. The discussion started with what IS faith. My comment was along the lines that faith can take on many facets. Faith can be related to works, it is the belief in something that can't be seen. The discussion progressed from there. We discussed the analogy in Alma of planting the seed, experimenting upon the word. It reaffirmed my beliefs and helped me have a chance to ponder on life.

From there I went to my next meeting and was impressed with the discussion on Zion. What is Zion? What does it take to have Zion?

The short of it is that Zion isn't just a place. It's much more than that. It is people and a place. I have to come to think of Zion as more of a thing. To have Zion, three things must be present. 1) Holiness 2) Caring of the Poor and Needy, and 3) Unity. The point that was made is that many people are waiting for Zion to come (to them), when in reality Zion COMES when these things take place. So, those who are waiting for Zion to come will be waiting for ever if they don't start working to create it.

So, when it comes to faith, use it or lose it, and work towards Zion, don't wait for it to come to you.

Keep the Faith...

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