A Short Lived Break...And That's Okay

That saying about don't get too comfortable- well...that one seems to hold true most of the time, especially for me. To make the point, I received a new calling shortly after being released (okay, it was like almost 2 weeks, but only seemed like a couple days). I knew when the member of the stake presidency called that something major was coming down. He called and asked if he could stop by. I hate that feeling of (I almost said dread, but that isn't what I want to convey) anxiety wondering what callings are available and what it will entail. I had called my father asking what stake callings were available (such as High Council, clerks, etc.). He told me there were no openings that he knew of. That made me feel a little better. Pres. Riches showed up about 90 minutes later and made small talk. I was going crazy so I just simply asked him what calling he had for me. He extended the call of.... (Drum Roll please).........(Still waiting, huh?)........(Why not just skip ahead?)....Ward Clerk. I think I was shocked as that was never even a calling that I had considered to be an option. I told him yes, and was visibly relieved. My wife told me later that I looked stunned when he asked. We both still laugh about that. It has been an interesting ride to say the least. I have already attended endless meetings (which is fine) and am learning the crash-course way (stumble through it until you figure it out). The only thing I feel a little bit bad about is the fact that my wife and I were excited to be able to arrive at church and leave at the same time (not to mention that I was hoping to have a calling that would allow me to help get the kids ready for church each week). But now I have meeting an hour earlier than I did when I was the EQ president. Oh well, lol, such is life!
Well, I guess I better end this. I am truly looking forward to this calling. It will be new and different.

Keep the Faith...

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