Time Marches On

My calling is AWESOME!
The Lord knew that I really needed a break. Being the ward clerk isn't "easy", but it is a change and I am only responsible for me (well, mostly anyways). I get to organize and my perfectionist side LOVES that. I have been able to clean out the clerk's office (and BOY HOWDY DID IT NEED IT!). Yes, I have to be up early on Sunday's (meetings start at 7am), but it is very rewarding and fulfilling to be completing my calling.

Keep the Faith...


Mandy said...

No only is it honestly written - your blog is beautiful to look at too. Look forward to reading more.

Sharr said...

so glad to hear you are enjoying it :o) change is good! i'm getting a new calling sunday, and i have the same feelings--can't wait for the change :o)

i thought i lost your blog--ricky got me a new computer for christmas and i didn't have the bookmark transferred, but then this lovely moment of pure inspiration (had to be the spirit :o) lol) brought the url back to my brain :o) who knew that 11:30 at night my brain functions better than all day long???

i miss you guys! we'll be back up there in july--maybe we can get together again :o)

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