Tonight my oldest daughter wanted to do FHE. She disappeared into her room and came out later with a lesson, story, and activity all ready to go.
She picked a great topic too: KINDNESS. I am thankful that she could see that it is just what our family needed to hear.

It was a sweet lesson with a great story about kindness, a scavenger hunt that had the boys work to show kindness to complete, and then a visual lesson.

Meet Don't Do It Ducky
 This little duck tells you DON'T be kind, DON'T be nice.
Our goal for the week is to "make him fly South and stay out of our house".

This is Be Kind Bear:
This is the bear that helps us all show love and kindness to each other. We "want him to stay on our shoulders all the time".

Thanks sis for a creative and uplifting lesson. We love you very much!

Keep the Faith...

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Mindy said...

It was definitely a cute lesson. She did a wonderful job.

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